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Marketing Automation


Increase team efficiency, improve lead quality, and accelerate your sales cycle

Engaging prospects throughout the buying cycle with compelling and targeted communications across devices and multiple touch points is a constant challenge. Marketing automation platforms are the linchpin, enabling measurable pipeline contribution, escalated prospect education and sales conversations, and ultimately - positive revenue impact. These robust demand generation solutions not only assist in identifying new leads, they also deliver the right message at the right time for improved conversion rates throughout the funnel.

Marketing automation implementation can be daunting for many organizations. The pressure is on to not only get the tool implemented, but to quickly make use of the new technology and produce quantifiable results. Once the tool is producing the pressure increases to extend the platform, add new systems, and leverage the full functionality of the platform.

We can help. We’re invested in helping you create realistic demand generation roadmaps to ensure you get the most out of your marketing automation investment.

    Business Process Review:
    A review of current marketing operations to map existing systems to your marketing automation platform.

    Gap Analysis:
    In conjunction with your business process review, we identify gaps in your process provide direction on filling those gaps.

    Rapid Deployment:
    We can provide additional bandwidth and experience to speed up implementation of your new demand generation platforms in days, not months.

    CRM Integration:
    Ensure that you enable your sale team with a single view of customer data by properly integrating your marketing automation platform with your customer relationship management (CRM) platform. We can help ensure that your systems seamlessly communicate and produce usable customer records to enable team efficiency throughout the entire customer lifecycle.

    Documentation and Training:
    Upon implementation completion, we will supply documentation on your marketing automation deployment and transfer knowledge to ensure that your team's transition is seamless.

    Marketing automation campaigns can be complex, especially when there are several campaigns interacting with each other. We have years of experience designing, producing, and executing complex and granular marketing automation campaigns that produce results.

    We provide end-to-end campaign development services that include:

    Strategy Development:
    We'll assist in designing a campaign strategy using target persona market research and analysis and recommend the best approach to communicating with your target customers and meeting your demand generation objectives.

    Segmentation and List Procurement/Appending:
    List segmentation is the most important piece of the marketing automaton puzzle. The more granular your segmentation the more targeted and relevant your messaging can be. We can help create a segmentation strategy within your database and help you identify new list sources or leverage internal systems to append your existing databases with new data to increase campaign effectiveness.

    Creative Development:
    Following your existing brand guidelines, our team can produce new creative elements and templates to support your marketing automation campaigns.

    We can assist with drafting content and copy supporting your campaigns, and assist with translation services for campaigns targeting multiple countries.

    Tactical Execution:
    Pulling together all necessary campaign elements, we can execute your marketing automation campaigns across mediums and devices combining our full suite of campaign services for maximum effectiveness.

    Many organizations rely on marketing channels like paid advertising to produce leads. These channels alone will produce leads, but only a small percentage of these leads will be ready for a sales conversation immediately. B2B marketers see an average 20% increase in sales opportunities from nurtured leads versus non-nurtured leads after successfully deploying a lead nurturing program and an average of 60% higher lead-to-sale conversion rating.

    Our team will work with you to design lead nurturing programs that deliver the right message at the right time to meet your demand generation goals.

    Campaign deployment is only the first step. Ongoing testing, measurement, and iteration are how brands get ahead of the competition. We help develop processes and programs to test multiple offers, creative concepts, design, or content in order to achieve the highest possible results from your campaigns to meet your goals.

    Whether your attribution model is first or last touch, it’s tough to measure campaign contributions in the middle. Our team can help demystify the contributions of your marketing automation and email efforts and provide easy to navigate reporting dashboards that provide at-a-glance performance insights.


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