2018 Facebook Feed Update

Facebook Newsfeed Friends, Family, and Groups Prioritization Update

The initial dust seems to have settled from Mark Zuckerberg’s announcement earlier this month about the Facebook newsfeed friends, family, and groups prioritization update. Facebook will be changing its news feed algorithm to prioritize content from “friends, family, and groups.” In case you haven’t heard the uproar or haven’t had a chance to read through all the opinions […]

New: Facebook Ads Archive Feature

Does your Facebook ads account look like this…tons of old campaigns that make it hard to navigate and find what you need? If you refresh your Facebook ad campaigns as often as you should to keep ahead of ad fatigue/mortality in this channel then you probably have a cluttered account full of old stuff like […]

Train Your Facebook Feed

Lately I’ve heard a lot of chatter about Facebook’s news feed algorithm from both sides of the advertising dollar. Advertisers have been complaining about the increased loss of organic visibility to users and users are complaining about the increased loss of control of the content in their news feeds. It’s an interesting conversation. While I […]