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Revenue Strategy


Benchmark, Measure, Leverage Existing Assets, Test, and Optimize

Many brands we consult with don't have a revenue strategy and don’t realize they need one. Revenue strategy is a strategic plan that focuses on increasing company income by maximizing both short-term and long-term sales potential. Having a dedicated strategy of this kind is critical to your growth and longevity. Without a documented plan of action, it's near impossible to cut through the noise and gain a share of your target customer's wallet and grow revenue. We'll help you evaluate your current assets, identify missed opportunity, and create strategies to leverage your current assets to creatively grow your revenue.

    There are three main areas to focus on for revenue growth. If you focus on just one of these areas you will experience growth. If you are able to focus on a combination of these areas, you will experience exponential growth.

    New Unit Growth
    Increase the number of customers, get more new prospects to convert into paying customers

    Average Order Value Growth
    Increase the average transaction size, get each customer to buy more at each purchase

    Sales Frequency Growth
    Increase the frequency that the average customer buys from you, get each customer to buy from you more often

    We will audit these business areas, enable measurement of these areas, and help uncover areas of opportunity for optimizing your revenue strategy.

    The number one question that goes unanswered in our consulting activities with clients across all sizes and industries is:

    “What is your unique selling proposition? What is it about you, your products, or services that distinguishes you from your competition?”

    Many business owners think they know the answer the this question, but a surprising few can clearly articulate it. If they can clearly articulate it, it is often not compelling enough to motivate their target customer to purchase.

    We help you clearly define and articulate your competitive advantage, map your advantage directly to your target customers’ needs, and put together clear and compelling messaging that speaks directly to your target customers’ needs. We’ll also help you weave your new unique selling proposition into all of your sales and marketing collateral.

    We help evaluate market attractiveness and competitive position including the following:

    Marketplace Assessment
    business vs consumer, direct/indirect, or influencer

    Ideal Buyer Profile and Persona Development
    B2B vs. B2C, size, current products, demographics, buying habits, geos, etc.

    Market Size
    Mass, segment, targeted, or 1:1

    Market Share
    Dominant vs emerging

    According to SiriusDecisions, of the 20% of leads that sales reps follow up on, 70% are disqualified and 80% of those disqualified prospects end up buying within the next 24 months – often from a competitor.

    Given, that an estimated 80% of disqualified prospects will go on to purchase within the next 24 months, it’s important to ensure that your Sales & Marketing strategies and process are such that you have multiple touch-points with your prospects and avenues to stay top of mind and influence their decisions as they continue their path to purchase.

    We’ll review the following areas and identify opportunity for fine-tuning and improvement:

    -Marketing Channel Performance & Activities
    -Sales & Marketing SLA’s
    -Funnel Taxonomy
    -Lead Management & Recycling
    -Nurturing Programs
    -Database/Programmatic Marketing
    -Sales Development Process
    -Sales Follow-up & Process
    -Sales Strategy
    -Data & Reporting
    -Attribution Modeling
    -Sales & Customer Success SLA’s

    The first place to evaluate when looking for revenue growth opportunity is your existing customer base. Leveraging the customer lifetime value of your existing customers can quickly grow your revenue exponentially.

    We’ll review the following areas and identify opportunity for fine tuning and improvement:

    Customer Lifetime Value
    Onboarding & Time to Value
    Customer Support Structure
    Customer Journey Mapping
    Renewals Process
    Buying Frequency
    Average Order Value
    Loyalty Programs
    Advocacy Programs
    Referral Programs

    Commonly we find hidden revenue leaks in the back office of our customers. There are sometimes process gaps or communication breakdowns that lead to forgotten invoices, late payments, and unnecessary dollars lost or written-off.

    We’ll review the following areas and identify opportunity for fine tuning and improvement:

    Revenue Recognition
    Invoicing Process
    Accounts Receivables
    Department Budget Planning
    Renewals Processing
    Discounts & Offers
    Accounts Payable
    Technology & Vendors


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