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Work Your Database - Generate Warm, Educated, Sales Ready Leads

For most of the companies we work with, filling the funnel isn’t a problem. There are tons of digital channels and options for traffic & lead acquisition. The hard part is increasing lead quality & readiness and filtering leads so that only the best are assigned to your sales force.

We help provide visibility into the funnel at every level, identify missing components an opportunity for improvement. We help evaluate existing programs, as well as help, start new programs from scratch.

    We helps companies drive a more demand, accelerate leads in the sales cycle, and convert more opportunities to revenue with a proven model that's both effective and affordable. We help you execute, refine, and measure the success of your campaigns through initial ‘hand raise’ through the lead lifecycle.

    Campaign Design & Execution:
    We’ll help you manage campaigns from design through delivery by leveraging a proven campaign framework.

    Relevant and Timely Content:
    We map content to key milestones in the buying process, specific target buyer / customer personas, or specific sales objectives.

    Sales & Marketing Alignment:
    We define and adhere to campaign execution time frames, agree on lead quality, and develop sales enablement tools.

    Measure & Optimize:
    We define reporting requirements, analyze campaign results, and provide recommendations on improvement.

    Demand generation campaigns can be complex and time consuming, with many moving parts. Without adequate staff and resources, it can be difficult for marketing teams to pull together all the elements necessary to create an effective campaign. We provide end-to-end campaign development services that include:

    Strategy Development:
    Alongside your marketing and sales team, we'll assist in designing a campaign strategy using market research and analysis, past experience, and knowledge and expertise of your business and target customer from your team. We’ll provide recommendations for the best approach to meeting your demand generation objectives.

    List Procurement/Appending:
    Alongside our partners we will help identify new list sources or leverage internal systems to append your existing database with new data to increase campaign targeting and granularity for improved performance.

    Creative Development:
    We can aid in creative production utilizing your existing brand guidelines.

    We can assist with drafting content and copy supporting your campaigns, and assist with translation services for campaigns targeting multiple countries.

    Tactical Execution:
    We can extend your bandwidth and help with full campaign execution, pulling together all necessary campaign elements. We can execute your omnichannel campaigns effectively and on-time.

    Reporting and Analysis:
    Using marketing automation technologies and your CRM application, our team can assist with creating campaign reports and make recommendations for improvements moving forward.

    A-B Testing & Optimization:
    We’ll walk you through testing multiple offers, creative concepts, design, or content in order to achieve the highest possible results from your campaigns.

    Lead scoring is the most valuable tool in the demand generation arsenal. If your sales team doesn’t have an approved method of prioritizing leads, they’ll find a way to get to the good stuff often burning leads and leaving opportunity on the table. Send your sales team only the juiciest leads by scoring them ahead of time.

    Lead scoring also opens a gold mine of opportunity for database segmentation and improved campaign performance. Scoring leads is a critical requirement for building any demand generation machine to scale. We'll assist in developing your lead scoring programs from scratch, adjusting existing programs, or monitoring programs to fine-tune over time.

    B2B marketers see an average 20% increase in sales opportunities from nurtured leads versus non-nurtured leads after successfully deploying a lead nurturing program and an average of 60% higher lead-to-sale conversion rating.

    We’ll walk you through the building, optimizing, and expanding your lead nurture programs.

    If you are serious about generating warm, educated, sales-ready leads, then you must be committed to creating great content. Content plays a critical role in every stage of the lead lifecycle.

    Good content develops awareness and drives the initial response in traffic and lead acquisition. During the sales cycle, relevant content supports your nurturing programs and enables your sales team. Well-positioned content also plays a critical role in retention and cross-sell of customers, accelerating their time to value and cultivating advocates that generate buzz and referrals

    Content Audit & Inventory
    Effective marketing campaigns need lots of relevant, timely, and valuable content. Keeping track of all this content and ensuring complete coverage can be difficult. Up-to-date content inventories and digital asset management software can save hours of time for marketing teams. Facilitating marketers to quickly and easily find content for campaign development as well as identify content gaps and production needs. We will audit your content library and blog and provide optimization suggestions to improve organic search rankings, conversion, and lead capture.

    Buyer Journey Content Map
    Today’s customer completes the bulk of their research prior to speaking to your sales reps. That means only a fraction of the potential opportunity actually makes it through to your sales team. It’s critical to produce and distribute content that speaks directly to customers in their shopping mindset during their research cycle before they get to sales. We can help you map your content to the buyer journey to facilitate full coverage, keeping your brand, product, or service top of mind when they are ready to purchase.

    Customer Journey Content Map
    Just like the buyer journey, it’s incredibly important to design your customer journey. For many of the companies we work with, the biggest missed opportunity is increasing the frequency at which customers buy from them. Especially if you are a subscription or recurring revenue model business. Investing in building rapport with your customers post-purchase is invaluable in it’s return. We can help you define your customer journey and map your content to it producing more referrals, product reviews, and repeat sales.

    Content Distribution Strategy
    Once you’ve got content produced and published, you have to distribute. Content distribution is essential to traffic and lead acquisition. We’ll provide an omnichannel strategy for distributing your content across digital & partner channels. We will help you optimize for search engines, like Google and recycle for social marketing.


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