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Paid Acquisition


Gain Visibility with Your Target Customer and Generate Leads

Many of the companies we work with fall into one of two camps. Either they are running digital ads and can't tell whether they are working or they have been burned having spent without return in the past and are nervous to try again.

We can help. We are data junkies and will not spend a single ad dollar until we are confident we can measure performance and we're so transparent many of our customers ask us to give them the cliffs notes version.

Our campaigns are informed by a deep understanding of the people who are looking for your type of product or service. We learn about who they are, what pain points they have, and what messaging resonates with them to develop targeted strategies with touchpoints throughout their buying journey that not only drive engagement, but also provide you a return on your ad dollars.

    Program Architecture
    We develop a customized package of campaigns, ad group, keywords and draft copy so that you can precisely target your audience.

    Ad Copy & Landing Pages
    We develop ad copy and integrations with landing pages that synchronize with keyword and program architecture.

    Bid & Budget Management
    We will identify optimum keyword bid and budget allocations, including continuous bid adjustments to achieve the desired “cost per action” of on-site activities.

    Reporting & Planning
    Reports are supplied on a schedule that we set up with you (typically weekly or monthly) that includes full visibility to the metrics that are important to you.

    Strategy Development & Deployment
    We’ll help you define your objectives & strategies based on the kind of targeting that works for you.

    Social Media Optimization
    We’ll help you analyze your audience, developing new avenues to reach your target market, guide your creative and ad copy testing, and diving deep into your analytics.

    Maintenance & Management
    We’ll build your strategy from the ground up, and have our eyes—and yours—on the numbers that matter.

    Media Planning and Strategy
    We evaluate your audience, your current tactics, and your goals to create a comprehensive campaign strategy.

    Media Buying & Campaign Execution
    Display experts will put your plan into action with experts laying core foundations for long-term success.

    Campaign Optimization
    Now that your campaigns are in action, keep them healthy and performing with our ongoing campaign optimizations.

    Regular Reporting
    Weekly or monthly reporting keeps you on top of performance. You'll be ready for any question your manager throws at you.

    Data Feed Review
    Whether improving your existing data feed or building a new one, we can show you the best way to set up your feed for success.

    With our understanding of consumer search behavior, we'll optimize your feed visibility using searchable, high-quality data.

    With our in-depth knowledge of each shopping platform, we'll customize your feed to fit the technical requirements for each.

    With our world-class analytics and real-time updates, we'll ensure your feed creates the value you're looking for.


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