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Leverage Technology, Process, and Data to Identify Opportunity for Growth

The B2B sales cycle has changed dramatically. It takes longer, involves more people, and customers have already completed at least 70% of their research and have just about made their decision by the time they even talk to a sales representative.

For many companies, there simply aren’t enough skilled, certified marketing professionals on staff to fulfill all of the requests for campaign support from global or regional stakeholders. Also, identifying, recruiting, and onboarding new employees can be both expensive and time-consuming. We can help supplement gaps in skills, bandwidth, or strategy to get your demand marketing programs current.

    The Demand Center is the hub of marketing services, technology, people, and processes. The heart of your demand marketing program. Demand Center is a cost-effective solution for creating predictable sales results for the new buying cycle. Without a well-oiled demand center strategy, you are not operating at full capacity. We can help you get yours running from scratch.

    Demand Center Discovery:
    First, we’ll conduct a series of in-depth interviews with all key internal stakeholders to inventory your current marketing services, technology, people, and processes. We’ll identify your top challenges and opportunities for improvement.

    Demand Center Strategy & Structure:
    We’ll then develop a strategy and structure for your organization’s demand center including an organizational chart, hiring plan, tech stack recommendations, etc.

    Implementation Plan:
    Based on information gathered during discovery, we’ll deliver a detailed implementation plan with timelines and assigned roles and responsibilities.

    Demand Center Consulting:
    Once your new demand center is implemented, we offer ongoing demand center consulting services, including campaign execution, lead scoring, lead management, data services and more.

    Lead management is one of the most important components in your sales enablement strategy. Nothing hinders a good sales team more than a pile of leads that without prioritization or screening. Companies with a solid lead management strategy who have figured out how to optimize selling processes to maximize lead conversion have set their sales teams up for success. Lead management is also complex and requires technology to automate lead flow.

    We can help establish lead management, examples include:
    -Managing and scoring leads along their lifecycle
    -Recycling leads based on behavior and demographic fit
    -Nurturing cold leads with nurture program enrollment or assignment to sales reps
    -Keeping data in sync
    -Offering closed-loop solutions that better quantify campaign attribution
    -Provide increased sales visibility and enablement to generate revenue
    -Manage the demand funnel from top to bottom, discarding fewer leads along the way

    A solid demand generation strategy begins with good customer data and close alignment with your company's sales process. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems and Marketing Automation platforms are the foundation of that sales and marketing strategy. Evaluation, implementation, and customization of these large systems can be daunting. We help take the guesswork out of the process from start to finish.

    Vendor Selection
    When it comes to selecting a CRM or Marketing Automation application, there are many solutions on the market today. Each with its own set of strengths and weaknesses. We help cut through the noise to find find the best solution based on your business objectives and make recommendations on which application most closely meets your sales, marketing, technology requirements, and growth plans.

    Process Review
    Implementation of a new CRM or Marketing Automation platform is complex. We’ll spend time interviewing key stakeholders in sales, marketing, and customer success within your company to determine your technology leads. Including input from business intelligence, operations, and finance to ensure business does not slow during implementation of the new technology.

    Implementation and Customization
    Once decided, we’ll help guide your teams through implementation and customization of your new technology. We can help with first-time implementations, new application migrations, and existing implementation modifications.

    Technology and systems are designed to enable efficiency, cost-savings, and growth. However, if implemented incorrectly or not integrated with other main technologies they can stifle growth and disrupt business.

    CRM applications are designed to support every business function within your company. A true, end-to-end CRM strategy includes integration to marketing automation, ERP, or other purpose-built technologies. We can aid in systems integrations to ensure your technology investments are maximized.

    We love data and advocate that all companies unlock their data and use it to make strategic decisions and hold teams accountable. Analysis of the end-to-end revenue cycle and demand chain from sales & marketing through to customer loyalty is critical to map key performance indicators against data from CRM or marketing automation platforms. We can help with data modeling, custom dashboard development, data warehousing solution selection, and more.

    Technology like marketing automation platforms and CRM systems are just data containers. If you are absent a good data strategy you are not equipped to utilize your technology to the fullest. Key benefits for these systems, such as lead scoring and lead nurturing, can only deliver good results with good data.

    Successful marketing campaigns depend on an abundance of complete & clean data. However, many marketers struggle with getting such data because their database is lacking in the right profile attributes. Through our data partners, we can help acquire contacts or amend records for specific countries, industries, job roles, etc. We facilitate an agreement between you and data vendors. We then work closely with the vendor to ensure implementation meets your unique requirements and is smoothly completed.

    Progressive Profiling & Forms Strategy

    Forms and Progressive Profiling are two primary ways to collect and build on your data. Collecting the essential information you need about your leads and augment your data so you can build targeted campaigns customized to specific customer and buyer personas. We can help design and implement forms and progressive profiling strategies to create rich records that enable high-performance marketing campaigns.

    Clean, meaningful, usable data is critical to your marketing automation, lead scoring, lead management, and sales enablement programs. Consistent capture of data points you care about, data normalization, is essential. Data normalization controls the data coming into the database to alleviate incomplete records, and junk data from piling up in your database - saving time, effort, and other problems down the line.

    We can help normalize your data in the following ways:
    -Identification of data fields that matter to your organization
    -Database evaluation for each field to determine what clean values should look like
    -Education on data entry points including forms, list uploads, sales rep entries, and other sources
    -Define rules & automation that correct data formatting.

    Inaccurate reporting is a frustration of many companies and can lead to finger-pointing and a breakdown in partnership between teams. A major cause of inaccurate reporting is duplicate records in your Marketing Automation (MA) system. Duplicate records can cause incomplete campaign attribution and an inability to measure engagement. Impacting business performance, polluting analytics and, ultimately, degrading the customer experience. Through our technology partners, we can help dedupe your database to help ensure accurate reporting.

    Keeping a database up to date is a never-ending battle. You’re tracking people and people change jobs, roles, email addresses, etc leading to a high attrition rate in your database. While older records are at risk, new data continues to come in. This can add up to a big mess for your sales & marketing team without rigorous data management practices.

    Maximize the value of your database and equip your sales & marketing team with a well-kept and well-segmented database. Good marketers know that the more granular you segment, the more relevant your messaging will be, and the more results your campaign will produce. We can help review existing segmentation and aid in further segmentation strategies to ensure that messaging and message timing lines up with buyer mindset, intent, and interests for improved campaign performance.


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